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1 Year of scala matters

Celebrating a significant milestone today—the first anniversary of Scala Matters, the ultimate hub for all things Scala!

Our goal was to bring the Scala community together to learn about all spectrums of the ecosystem, to collaborate, to network, and to grow. All of the content is completely exclusive to the platform, including blogs and videos from the best Scala Software engineers in the community.

In just a short time, we've witnessed the community grow to over 3,000 Scala Engineers, spanning across 100+ countries. We've also successfully hosted meet-ups in three countries, with the fourth one scheduled for this month.

A huge shout out to all of our contributors:


The first year looked a little like this...

We're confident in its continued growth, Scala Matters stands as a valuable resource for all things Scala. Stay tuned for the exciting developments ahead!


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