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From the start: Why Scala and ways to learn

Let’s start from the very beginning, we’ll be giving you all the reasons you should be choosing the Scala programming language, why Scala is worth considering, as well as how newcomers can start programming in Scala.

Why does Scala Matters?

Scala – short for Scalable Language – was invented by Martin Odersky and first appeared in 2004. A large range of companies now use Scala to build their software infrastructure, making it one of the most popular programming languages that is used today. Scala is particularly popular among businesses that rely on distributed architecture that requires easily-scalable apps due to its conciseness, flexibility and Java compatibility.

One of the main reasons a lot of major companies have moved over to Scala is because the code has been designed to transition as smoothly as possible. Businesses often choose the Scala option if they are looking to change their existing software-base but are worried about problems with functionality or speed.

In summary, here are few facts about Scala:

  • It’s a high-level language

  • It’s statically typed

  • It supports the object-oriented programming (OOP) paradigm

  • Its syntax is expressive – concise but still readable

  • It supports the functional programming (FP) paradigm

  • It has a sophisticated type inference system

  • Scala code has .class files that run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

  • Java libraries are easy to use in Scala

Looking to learn Scala?

It is a great habit to code every day. As a software developer, you will have to learn new things. The best way to do that is practice. It doesn’t matter where you practice, it can be (the usual) by the desk, or for some (the usual) in bed, or kitchen,living room, anywhere. What matters is that you spend time coding as much as you can. ‘Learning by doing’ is the best way to remember how to do things in any programming language.

And what a better time to start than now when Scala is getting more and more popular.

Top tip: We’re very fond of setting goals here. To keep yourself motivated you should put some ie. monthly goals and try to achieve them. It will show your progress clearly.

  1. A must-read is ‘Programming in Scala,’ a book co-written by Martin Odersky, the original creator of the language. Make sure it’s the latest edition. The book thoroughly explains all the features and how to write in Scala. Don’t be put off by its length. You don’t need to get through it all in one go.

  2. Take a look at the videos on ‘7 sins of a Scala beginner. A gem.

  3. Familiarize yourself with frameworks.

  4. Functional Programming in Scala’ and Book of Monads’ – are books worth a look if you want to teach yourself about the basics and general concepts of functional programming.

  5. There are several courses specializing in Scala, but one we can recommend is the ‘Functional Programming Principles in Scala’ course on coursera.

Free resources

Non-free Books

Free Scala Courses

Scala Training by ziverge

  • Build Web Apps with ZIO 2.0 (UPDATED) by John A. De Goes Sep 13 - Sep 15

  • Advanced Functional Design (ALL-NEW) byJohn A. De Goes Sep 26– Sep 28

  • The Foundations of Streaming (ALL-NEW) by John A. De Goes Oct 18 - Oct 20

  • Scala 3 Metaprogramming (ALL-NEW) by John A. De Goes Nov 21– Nov 23

Websites to level up your coding


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