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Women in Tech | Roksolana Diachuk

As part of our recent Women in Tech series, we recently sat down with Roksolana Diachuk, an Engineering Manager at Captify. Roksolana not only excels in her role at Captify but also dedicates her time to empowering others in the tech community. As a Data Engineering Lead mentor at Women Who Code Kyiv, she passionately guides women in their careers, sharing valuable insights and knowledge.

Beyond her role at Captify, Roksolana is very active in the Scala community by contributing to and speaking at global conferences and events. In this talk, we delve into her background, exploring her experiences and milestones that shaped her career. She shares invaluable insights on tackling gender equality in the tech industry. From her unique perspective, she addresses the steps businesses can take to encourage inclusivity.

To dive deeper into Roksolana's incredible journey and insights, be sure to catch the full conversation below:

We'd like to thank Roksolana for her insightful contribution. Based on her experience, insight and knowledge, we hope that her story will inspire and motivate many women in tech, or women thinking of joining the tech industry.


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